To Live

A Happy Life...

"We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
- Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you really help me be happier?

What I offer is a holistic, effective approach to help you experience personal fulfillment. There’s an abundance of self-help these days and for many this can become quite challenging. By working together, we’ll be able to customize what’s right for you, offering the most effective way to enhance your well-being.

Our sessions are unique in that they’re not structured based on conventional testing, questionnaires or psychological profiling; rather, the primary focus is inner transformation, some of which you’ll be able to experience almost immediately.

What’s the difference between you and say, a Life Coach?

There are several types of Life Coaches that offer great value. Many share similarities to fitness coaches by constructing a specific program for a specific need to reach a specific goal. Life Coaches also ask a series of questions based on their clients’ profile to help them reach these targets.

Generally speaking, what I offer is more of a compliment than a substitute. The primary focus is not specific or measurable as such; it is more of a holistic approach that ignites your internal guidance system. Rather than focusing on external goals, we zone in on your inner being—less emphasis on concepts and more emphasis on context, bringing your innate qualities to life; hence, there are no specific targets or reporting requirements. Instead you are immersed into contemplation mode where you can experience these “aha” moments for yourself. It’s an introspective process that's unconventional and empowering.

The other difference I offer is that I integrate best practices from various fields including: Psychology, sociology, philosophy, spirituality, creativity, marketing, and business.

And how do you differ from a therapist?

Happiness Coaching shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for therapy. Clients requiring such treatment would be advised to see a licensed professional.

What If I live outside Vancouver?

The majority of our discussions will be on Skype where we “meet” from the comfort of your home anywhere in Canada and the US.

After our sessions, can I expect a perma-grin?

Even the happiest people have their moments. The difference is that you will experience longer periods of equanimity rather than confusion—your natural sense of calmness and freedom would be more immediately restored. And given the tools you’ll be provided, anxiety, fear, and drama become more like a passing cloud than a tsunami of tension.

How do you determine pricing?

These packages are being offered at reduced rates. Many practitioners charge hundreds of dollars and up per hour. I’m looking at this as an introductory phase with the intent on providing significant value, specialized service, and highly satisfied clients.

How will I know this will work?

In just a few sessions, you will be able to gauge your level of mental clarity and calmness. If for any reason you’re still not completely satisfied, I offer a guarantee.

My primary objective is to earn your trust and help make a real difference in your life—this is not a quick fix, but a way of becoming aligned with your true nature.