To Live

A Happy Life...

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy."  
- Rumi

What is Happiness?

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you. - Hafiz of Persia

Aristotle said that everyone seeks happiness more than anything else. But what does it mean to be happy?

Many equate happiness with wealth, status and achievement — striving to make it at all costs. Sometimes we reach these goals, and other times we don’t; eventually we come to that crucial point when we pause and ask the BIG question:

Is there more to life than this?

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Why do I need a Happiness Coach?

Happiness doesn’t happen by chance.
Research shows that external events such as fame, fortune or power play a very limiting role, yet we spend more time on work, finances, and rushing to complete tasks that we forget to tend to ourselves. As Ghandi once said, “There’s more to life than increasing its speed.”

If you’ve been feeling out of touch lately and wanting to restore balance, it may be time for an internal tune-up.

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Welcome to Pure Happiness Coach!

Everyone wants to be happy. But in order to do so, first we have to understand what happiness really means. This is a great starting point for discovering the deeper side of who you really are—integrating your heart, mind and spirit, and recapturing what it truly means to succeed.

My purpose is to simplify and improve the quality of your life—to be happy!  The coaching I offer stems from a broad range of resources in the areas of Psychology, Spirituality, and Creativity. 


What do you offer as a Happiness Coach?

I help guide you towards a fulfilling life where fear or struggles no longer run your life.  Instead, you will feel grounded, lighter and more vibrant.  It’s a holistic way of connecting with your mind, body and spirit: pure happiness is joy that emanates from within.


"Bob has been making a difference in the lives of hundreds of people in Vancouver, thanks to his generous and continuous commitment to facilitate the Eckhart Tolle-inspired gatherings in the West End, his work as a happiness coach, and for being the wonderful person that he is.

I saw his presence genuinely inspire many beings, I am sure many more will benefit from connecting with him"

– Frank Ra, Author of “A Course in Happiness”.